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14 April 2009 @ 11:34 pm
week in review: 4/8 - 4/13  
So this past week was pretty good, i went to a b'day party, an acoustic show, got older, got more computer parts to put together my Frankenstein box, went to the braves game and went to a concert at the masquerade.

Wednesday was Wes' b'day. Wes is the lead guitarist for The Bastard Suns. It was a cook out. Though, Clay (lead singer) burnt his hand when lighting the grill. I took over some bratwurst from publix as well as almost a 6 pack of blue moon (5 of those, one Guinness). It all seemed to be a big hit. I got a bit drunk (who'd thought that right?) and Mandolyn prettied me up. I'll post a pic if i can get one.

Acoustic show from Wes and Clay at the North River Tavern.

I got older. My 30th b'day. I didn't do much during the day, that evening I went to the 'rents place for dinner. Was fun. Drinks before dinner, I got some cool stuff from them. I got: a belt (needed it, as my old one was coming apart), a Chick-Fil-A card from Elly(being able to eat is a good thing), A manila envelop with Braves games tickets in it (Sunday's game, more on that later), I also got a few other gifts...I got the re-release of Ten from Pearl Jam (I either lost my cd copy, or i never had it...I remember having it on cassette), A Willie Nelson cd (It's called Willie and the Wheel [executively produced by Jerry Wexler] I've been getting into him and Jennings lately), and a Scottish driving cap. So as you can see, some good stuff.

Went to Micro-Center and found a case for my soon to be new computer (I'm getting Corey's old motherboard, some memory, a video card, I had picked up a 500 gig internal had drive a couple weeks ago at Micro-Center for 30 bucks, yes, you heard me right. I also ended up getting a copy of Lego Star Wars (the original trilogy). After we left Micro-Center, Corey went out to eat at On The Border. His B'day gift to me...yay!

Sunday was Easter Sunday. Yeah, yeah. That's not the important part of this post. Remember I said that I got tickets to a Braves game? It was today's game. The Braves looked good going into this game with a 4-1 record. The Washington Nationals were 0-4 or 0-5. The Braves ended up winning the game to go to 5-1 (though, they are now 5-2 as of Tuesday night). Jeff Francouer had two, yes two, triples...glad i left him in my fantasy lineup that day...:D

Went down to the Maquerade to see We Wont Stop and Riverboat Gamblers. There were a couple other bands on the bill. The order was: The Black Daniels, We Wont Stop, Fake Problems, and Riverboat Gamblers. Before the show, I hung out with WWS, drank some beer with 'em, met some cool people (one of those people being Will Stagg, look for him coming to a Gwinnett Gladiators game near you soon. But he's also just a cool guy). I knew What to expect from the Black Daniels and WWS, but Fake Problems and Riverboat Gamblers I had never heard before. Fake Problems was a pleasant surprise. They're punk, but like alternative punk. Yeah, I felt weird with that sentence too. Riverboat Gamblers are punk too, but the lead singer has so much energy. He was jumping off the little devider thing, and climbing all over the speakers and stuff. It was fun to watch. After the show, I saw a tee shirt I just *had* to buy, it's one of the greatest tee shirts *ever*. You're Not D.I.Y...Unless You're Amish. How awesome is that? I also got a shiny Riverboat Gamblers sticker. That's the last thing I need right? Oooh, shiny!
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